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Staying motivated

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

How are you so motivated? What makes you motivated? How do you stay motivated?

People ask questions about motivation time and time again.

Is one person always going to feel motivated? NO! They are not.

But if you really really want the thing you are working towards (whether it’s a fitness or health goal, or something else entirely) you are going to have to put your absolute all in to get what you want.

I love doing the gym, I love working out so I enjoy doing it. BUT there are still days where I get home from work and I just want to plonk my ass on the sofa and watch TV all evening.

Sometimes I just tell myself to snap out of it, make a drink and take myself out to the gym and 90% end up having the best workout. Or other times I will sit down, scroll through Instagram (the majority of people I follow are people in the fitness industry).. I look at their photos, read their posts and 10 minutes later I find myself in the gym. I also turn to myself for motivation, I'll look back at a photo of myself and remember how good I felt after the workout I had just done or I'll think about how important my current goals are to me and that I won't achieve them by just sitting still.

But whenever I don’t feel it and end up doing it anyway, I always without a doubt end up feeling sooo much better than I did before and never do I regret it.


- know that if you want something bad enough you’ve got to work for it

- tell yourself to snap out of it

- find motivation through yourself and others. Find and follow people that will give you the motivation that you need to keep going and know that most of the time it is not motivation at all, but it is dedication that will get you through.

So, I hope this helps at least one person and hope you enjoyed reading. Now get out there and smash your next workout!

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