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PERSONAL TRAINING (Horam, East Sussex)

60 mins- £30
45 mins- £23

Come and train with me in a private fitness studio in Horam, near Heathfield, East Sussex- perfect for those who don't feel confident in a big gym environment. Included is a workout plan tailored specifically to you with nutrition and calorie advice. I will work alongside you and help you achieve your goals. During the current COVID-19 outbreak please be reassured that all equipment will be thoroughly cleaned between each client, social distancing will be maintained where possible and as this is a private fitness studio there will not be anyone else in the studio at the same time as you.



£100 per month (cancel any time)

If you are serious about making long term changes to your lifestyle, health and fitness then Online Coaching is for you. I will provide you with all the tools to make change, you just need to put in the work. With me here to keep you accountable every step of the way, we will make sure you have success in reaching your goals and we will do it together.

- Your own personalised workout programme made JUST for you (no cookie cutter programmes here!) to suit home or gym workouts, created to be used with the equipment you have access to 
- Amendments will be made to your plan each month and progressive overload will be applied at a rate suitable to       you. 

- You will have your own login to an app where you will find your training programmes and exercise videos as well as   a chart to monitor your progress and this is where you will upload your weekly progress photos. 
- I will provide you with nutrition, calorie and hydration advice (please note that I cannot provide a diet plan). Macro targets will be given to fall in line with your current goals and can be adjusted as and when your goals change. 
- You will have weekly check ins with myself including body measurement updates as well as mental wellbeing, sleep targets etc. and access to support via WhatsApp 7 days a week. 
- Suitable for gym users as well as those that would prefer to work out at home with minimal equipment.

- Welcome pack provided



I will build you a unique personal training programme for you to follow. Progressive overload will be applied throughout each week in order for you to reach your goals. 

- Nutrition and hydration advice will be given and I will advise you how to work out your calories. 
- This is the perfect option for those that are ready to put in the work and have the dedication to stick to a plan   without the need for someone to keep them accountable.
- You will have access to an app where you will find your training programme and exercise videos as well as be able   to track your progress. 

- Please note that this does not include on-going support. 

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